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A New Hope For Our Future And Income


Welcome everyone! I’m excited to start my own blog and share with you stuff I find important.

I’m a 35 year old happily married man and father of 3 fur-babies (cats) and we’re working on some human ones as well. =)

I started this website because we have debt and I want to eliminate it permanently. Between our student loans and our credit card debt we have more money in the red than I’m really comfortable with.

The name of this blog Debt By Debt serves a purpose and that’s because I want to remind myself and others that while debt as a whole can be large and scary to look at it you can also break it down into individual pieces and attack them one by one.

Right now I am a Business Manager for a small company that works directly with cities and municipalities. But to help earn extra money I also am an Amazon and eBay seller as well as a freelance photographer on the weekends.

I’m hoping with this blog I can share insights into what I know and things I’ve learned as we go about this penny tracking (and money making) journey.