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September 2016 Financial Summary And Report

So long September! Today marks the last day of September 2016. I started this blog 10 days ago. I’m not new to blogging really and have had many before this one but those blogs were of little importance to me. This blog resonates with me though as I find it easy to write about our […]

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When Money and Mental Health Collide

Good Morning all you glorious people! Today, I want to touch on a very personal subject and for the sake of this persons privacy I’m going to be intentionally vague in certain areas. When it happened we had no idea until after the damage had been done… Recently a family member of mine was diagnosed as Bipolar or […]

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Financing Fast Food Is Killing Us In More Ways Than One!

Good afternoon you glorious debt destroying humans! So I have a major problem. I can’t stand eating healthy. I’m a guy. I like meat, potatoes, starches, fried stuff. I have very little desire for that healthy stuff nature can provide. My wife however is more easily to adapt to fresh veggies and fruits. Here’s the […]

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