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Financing Fast Food Is Killing Us In More Ways Than One!

Good afternoon you glorious debt destroying humans!

So I have a major problem. I can't stand eating healthy. I'm a guy. I like meat, potatoes, starches, fried stuff. I have very little desire for that healthy stuff nature can provide.

My wife however is more easily to adapt to fresh veggies and fruits.

Here's the deal though. I'm also incredibly lazy but still have a semi-fast metabolism even in my mid 30's. I miss the 20's I could eat damn near anything and I would still lose weight. Now I've got a belly pooch from flying a desk for 3+ years and eating a ton of crappy food.

I'll tackle diet and fitness in another post right now I want to tackle fast food expenditures and the numbers are sickening. Seriously,

I should invest in some of these companies with the amount of we're spending on them.

Let's take a look at this handy colorful disgusting debt food monster:


So what you see there if you can't read the little key graph is in the green is the money we've spent on fast food this year and the yellow is the amount of money we spent last year. That's a total difference of $212.01 less for this year.

That is absolutely ridiculous.

Never had I figured that our numbers would be that high period but there they are culled from the depths of our bank statements.

Let's dig deeper.


Last year is yellow and this year (2016) is green. Overall there's a slight trend of spending less at fast food joints but not by much. I mean the fact that we've spent over $1,000 last year and are close to doing that again this year just makes me cringe.

Let's dig deeper shall we?


The above report not only raised my blood pressure but also my cholesterol (that's no joke) and continues to eat into our bank account like the diet destroying debt delaying cholesterol raising pain the arteries it is.

Had I known earlier on that we were spending so much in fast food alone I seriously would of just invested in stocks at least then I'm getting a return! My wife and I really thought we were doing better curbing our fast food spending.

We were wrong.

Changes will be made. Lunches will be packed and meals planned.

2017, we are looking your way and if I have to find a way to like healthy food and eat grass clippings..I mean salad and the like I'll damn well do it begrudgingly so we can get to our debt freeing goal as soon as possible!

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