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A New Hope For Our Future And Income

Hi Everyone! This is my first post.

Welcome everyone! I'm excited to start my own blog and share with you stuff I find important.

I'm a 35 year old happily married man and father of 3 fur-babies (cats) and we're working on some human ones as well. =)

I started this website because we have debt and I want to eliminate it permanently. Between our student loans and our credit card debt we have more money in the red than I'm really comfortable with.

Right now I am a Business Manager for a small company that works directly with cities and municipalities. But to help earn extra money I also am an Amazon and eBay seller as well as a freelance photographer on the weekends.

I'm hoping with this blog I can share insights into what I know and things I've learned as we go about this penny tracking (and money making) journey.

About the Author Adam

I'm just a guy looking to build a better life for my family by cleaning up some of our past financial mistakes.

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