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How I Personally Define Financial Freedom

I don't think the term financial freedom can be lumped together, to sum up, every person's definition.

My version of financial freedom could very well not be what you'd consider financial freedom.

For my wife and I, I would consider having all our debts paid off with the exception of our mortgage because going in we both knew it was going to be a long haul on the repayments but with a VA home loan and a really low rate our mortgage cost less than the apartments we were living in.

By all our debts I am talking about student loans, credit card bills, and any other miscellaneous monies owed that aren't bills such as electric, food, water, or trash.

I would also define it as having systems in place that allowed for income by other means than working 40+ hours a week for either one of us.

So all major debts paid off less the mortgage and some type of system in place to generate enough money to cover either my income, her income or both of our incomes.

I see so many blogs talking about how to obtain financial freedom and the first on the list in most cases is “start a budget.”

Which I'll admit is good advice especially when you have to dive into your accounts and look at where exactly your money is going and just how much of it are you losing that you weren't aware of.

But for us, financial freedom doesn't start with making a budget. It comes to making an agreement as a couple and as a unit that we're both willing to make sacrifices now instead of later so we can enjoy things later on.

I started this blog to help kind of keep track of and keep me somewhat motivated to push through the hard times when it comes to dealing with debt and money.

One of my big “end games” is to generate enough money to destroy our debts and then replace our incomes so we can build our lifestyle without an invisible weight of numbers constantly hovering above our heads.

How do you define your “Financial Freedom?”

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I'm just a guy looking to build a better life for my family by cleaning up some of our past financial mistakes.

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