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A New Hope For Our Future And Income

September 2016 Financial Summary And Report

focusaheadSo long September!

Today marks the last day of September 2016.

I started this blog 10 days ago.

I'm not new to blogging really and have had many before this one but those blogs were of little importance to me.

This blog resonates with me though as I find it easy to write about our financial struggles with total strangers. I don't know why, though.

Maybe I find it easier for strangers to judge me than my family members.

For me, this blog is an outlet where I just want to hone my skills at better money management, destroy our debts so we can build our lives, and in the process hopefully help someone else who may be struggling with the same issues.

I am of the belief that you may have gone into debt alone you shouldn't have to face your struggles dealing with it alone.

What I've Done In September:

So being only 10 blog days old I've written 4 posts where we look at:

Examining Our Finances and just where exactly we've been letting money escape us.

Choosing a financial plan of attack based on the debt avalanche or debt snowball method and why I'm choosing to use a hybrid variation.

The even more depressing fact of how much money we continue to spend on fast food and the financial drain it has on our bank account.

And I share a very personal topic dealing with Money and Mental Health and what effects it can have.

September Goals:

Start blog – Pass!

Write 4 articles – Pass!

Build a financial attack plan – Pass!

Cut PayPal bill in half – Fail.

September Income Report:

Affiliate links are contained within some of the links below. I am paid a commission for some referrals but they do not cost you anything extra and often times will provide you with a deeper discount.

Side Hustles:

Na. Da.

I'm still working on finding more side gigs.

After fall photo sessions will slow down and I'm still trying to find work on Up work that would suit me.

I can do everything from blogging to lightroom and photoshop retouching but good paying gigs seem to be few and far between.

Survey Sites:

UserTesting$3.00 ($20 currently pending)
InboxDollars$6.42 (Get $5.00 free if you sign up through my link.)

Cash Back Sites:

eBates$1.55 (Get $10.00 free if you sign up through my link.)

Selling Platforms:


I wanted to add something here as selling on eBay especially this amount is not normal for me.

I made a pretty big sacrifice here and sold one of my camera lenses to start aggressively going after our debts quicker. It wasn't an easy decision and one I may have sellers remorse about latter but I felt it had to be done.

Social Platforms:

Facebook – $15.00

September Income: $689.52

September Debt Report:

Thankfully we have done pretty well at adding debt to our financial life for quite some time.

For this month I went after the PayPal bill with its 19.99% APR and I wanted to make it an even number so I took the earnings from eBay and applied it to the PayPal bill and then the remaining amount I pulled from our secondary bank account.

That now brings the PayPal bill down to $2,000.00 even.


Starting Debt: $25,649.51
End of September Debt: $24,782.95
Difference: $-866.56

Those numbers seem daunting when laid out like that.

I will say though that a good chunk of that debt is student loans between my wife and me with our consumer debt making up $7543.54 of that amount so it does make it a little less nauseating looking at it.

Right now our main focus will continue to be on the credit cards since they have the highest interest rates and once those are gone we'll deal with the student loans.

How has September treated you?

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I'm just a guy looking to build a better life for my family by cleaning up some of our past financial mistakes.

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