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A New Hope For Our Future And Income

So Here We Are In February

February is here and I'm still in debt.

(Warning – I'm done writing politely from this point on. I'm a guy, I'm former military, and I swear. If you're offended by foul language it's probably best to move to another site from this point forward.)

So, the holidays are over which I dread every year basically. It has nothing to do with money but more to do with visiting family that I see like once or twice a year and cousins and their kids and having to put on smiles and be at different locations at certain times.

When you're younger holidays are fucking awesome. When you're adult with no children holidays just make me want to drink as my cousins children scream, yell, and chase each other.

Now, I love my nieces and nephews but I'm not a parent. I didn't help raise any younger children and try as I might I have a low threshold for dealing with someone elses children.

Especially the snotty ones.

Fun stuff right?

Apparently everytime I get asked why I don't like holidays “because of your kids” is not an appropriate answer. (Just kidding! I also tell them they're part of the reason too.)

So What's In Store For 2017

Good question! Glad you asked it.

If you didn't pretend you did. Work with me here!

So my current student loans are with Navient (who apparently is facing some lawsuits) still has me at $13.5k

My current job decreased my hours and my Amazon business has slowed down a bit but it usually does in the early parts of the year.

Plus to add ontop of that it's tax time and Ol' Uncle Sam loves to molest what he can from my bank accounts during tax season.

So my plan for 2017 is try and write more on this blog.

This isn't my only creative outlet and honestly it's hard to write knowing almost little to no one reads this site but I guess that's the struggle with everyone who sets out to start something online.

With my student loans I finally caved in and put them on Autopay. As much as I didn't want to I have so much stuff going on lately it's hard for me to keep track of them since I haven't properly priortized them like I should have.

As for my Amazon business I did about $4,000 in profit with about $22k in gross sales and I hardly touched my business at the end of the year.

The year before that I did around $33k in gross sales and netted about $5k in profit.

The first year I bought stuff from stores and resold them on Amazon. The second year I focused on a private label product in the pet industry that has done relatively well.

I keep teetering whether or not I'll keep the Amazon business or not. Some days I'm super motivated and other days I have zero intrest in doing anything with it.

Plus the way Amazon has been tightening up on sellers, raising fees, and putting strangleholds on people with little remorse for the accounts always remains in the back of my mind.

That alone keeps me from buying pallets of inventory like I would have last year.


Finally, I think it's time I move on from the company I've been with for almost 4 years.

I've been treated well and have many perks but lack any kind of benefits and deal with questionable pay periods more than I care for.

On top of that my hourly wage could use a much needed improvement.

Plus there's a disturbing about of nepotism that takes place that I'm just tired of dealing with.

I want to find something that's more stabile and can provide benefits for my wife and any children we may have later on down the road.

So plans for 2017:

Keep the Amazon Business: TBD

Continue to payoff student loans: Of course (Goal of hitting at least $12k before 2018)

Job Status: Find a job that offers benefits and more stability.

I know those aren't all that of lofty goals and I'm sure to have more to add as the year progresses but currently those 3 are what I'm focusing on.

If you liked this article or actually even read it please let me know in the comments below. You can even just Hi and that would make my day.

So, what are your plans for 2017?



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